Community Gardens of Tucson


CGT is hiring 2 part-time summer interns for the period of 5/15 to 8/15) Click here for more information. Summer Internship Description_041114

The Spring 2014 Newsletter is here. Check out what’s happening with your gardening community.

CGT Newsletter Spring 2014

Building Community Through Gardening

A community garden is a place where neighbors come together to grow vegetables or flowers on a shared piece of land. The land is usually lent to us by a church, school or private land owner at no charge for use as a garden space. Separate garden plots, usually measuring about 3′ x 20′, are made available to individuals and families in the neighborhood. A drip irrigation system is installed to supply water to the plants. Each gardener pays a monthly fee which pays for the water bills, irrigation equipment, a quarterly newsletter, and a shed full of tools.  The gardener usually only needs to supply plants/seeds and soil amendments. Monthly garden meetings are held where gardeners have a chance to learn more about their plants by hearing from a local gardening expert. The newsletter provides gardening tips and information about garden activities.

What Are The Benefits?

* Healthy, tasty, fresh vegetables grown without pesticides
* Community building by bringing families and neighbors together
* A peaceful outdoor space to spend time
* Opportunity for exercise and increased activity
* Beginners and experts alike can share their knowledge (and their harvest)
* Teaches both children and adults about the lives of plants
* Turns otherwise vacant land into a thriving community resource

Who Is Community Gardens of Tucson?

CGT is an all-volunteer nonprofit group devoted to promoting health, knowledge, joyfulness and a sense of community by helping Tucson residents establish and maintain neighborhood vegetable and flower gardens. It is made up of gardening experts, novices, homeowners and volunteer coordinators.

Our Mission Statement

The all-volunteer nonprofit Community Gardens of Tucson establishes and maintains community gardens and provides ongoing education that enables Tucson residents to grow food successfully and sustainably in garden communities within their neighborhoods.

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