George Brookbank

In 1989, George Brookbank, a University of Arizona Cooperative Extension agent, devised a program to teach productive gardening using hands-on experience. A vacant lot located near 1st Ave. and Limberlost was graciously donated by the Hand family and was developed into plots with drip-irrigation systems. These plots were rented by participating families for the cost of water.

 In 1995, a new Extension agent decided community gardening was no longer a priority. Rather than abandon the thriving garden, George Brookbank, with the help of some local master gardeners, helped form the Community Gardens of Tucson as an independent, volunteer organization.

Thirty years later, CGT is an active, healthy, and growing nonprofit. We currently have 20 gardens throughout the city being cared for by more than 350 gardeners. We support ourselves through plot fees (dependent on ability to pay) and donations from generous supporters. Our goals for our 30th year are to continue to:

*Provide scholarships to refugees and those at an economic disadvantage

*Partner and collaborate with like-minded organizations to leverage our reach and impact

*Increase our funding base to broaden our programs

*Sow seeds in the hearts of younger gardeners to foster their love for the environment and the communities of which they are a part, and

*Celebrate the role that we all can play in making Tucson a sustainable and inclusive City

If you’d like to help support us, please consider making a donation. You can donate to the George Brookbank Scholarship Fund, the Kids in Gardens education project, or to our general fund to be used as needed. Thank You!