We Grow Kids in Gardens!

Our Kids in Gardens education program brings elementary school students (and their teachers) out of classrooms and into schools which have garden spaces but limited resources. Five days a month, using a science-based garden curriculum, our CGT educator, along with a Master Naturalist, provide hands-on classes which let kids:

Learn where food comes from

Experience how to plant and grow it

Discover that getting dirty can be good for you

Understand that THEY can help take care of the Earth


The kids say it’s their favorite class; The teachers say it’s great!

 This goes straight to CGT’s mission: “To create and support accessible community gardens with Tucsonans of diverse experience levels, abilities and cultures in order to educate, foster wellness, and enhance the environment for people, plants, and pollinators.”

We started with 58 students at Homer Davis Elementary, in one of the poorest school districts in Tucson. Now nearly 150 are participating! At Mary Meredith school, students work in smaller groups, growing emotional strength along with plants. In two groups of homeschoolers, parents learn alongside their children.

And as word about our program spreads, more schools are asking if they can join. Your support will enable us to say “yes.” If you would like to help grow Kids in Gardens, please make a donation here. Thank you!