Andy Stevens

Former Board Member

Andy was guilty by association, as his wife Dianne started doing the newsletter for CGT before they moved to Tucson from Canon City, Co in 2004. After moving to Tucson and taking up a plot at the Presidio Garden (sorry about the Amaranth, it was Dianne’s idea) the prior directors Darlene Schacht and George Brookbank, felt that he had caused enough trouble at steering committee meetings and needed something to occupy his time. Thinking that the pay was good, he jumped at the chance while Dianne kept improving the newsletter. The oldest CGT garden turned into a parking lot, and a new garden started during his time. This roller coaster made a few laps before their daughter Cady came along and after that happened, time (and sleep) was in short supply and Andy decided to pass the torch to Gene Zonge who had a large part in expanding the program and making gardens available to many more gardeners.

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