Elizabeth Warburton-Smith

Executive Director

Elizabeth Warburton-Smith is a second generation Tucsonan who has been digging in our desert soils for almost 45 years. In college, George Brookbank became her Mentor where she learned from his extensive knowledge of growing in dry, hot comates. She is the former CEO and founder of a sustainable
energy company, chef and college instructor. A published author and regular contributor to a local paper, Elizabeth inspires others to grow living food in our challenging climate. Elizabeth focuses on standards that protect our environment which include organic cultivation, no-till regenerative permaculture, rainwater conservation, vermiculture and harvesting local desert foods. She is the founder of the Rita Ranch Community Garden and WeLoveToGrow.org a non-profit focusing on teaching people how to grow living food in our desert. Elizabeth has been featured in Edible Baja Arizona, Tucson Lifestyle and Green Living Magazines. Elizabeth’s growing philosophy reflects the adage, “The wisdom of the Ancients patiently waits for the modern world to catch up.”


Email: welovetogrow@gmail.com

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