Site Coordinators

Each CGT garden has a Site Coordinator and often a Co-Coordinator. The garden Site Coordinator (SC) is the contact person for the garden. They respond to requests from potential new gardeners, providing information about being a CGT member and particulars about the garden site. They orient new gardeners and help them get settled into the garden. It is also the job of the SC to to disseminate information from the CGT admin and Board to their gardeners about events, activities and policies. They organize monthly garden meetings and foster a sense of community in the garden. Community Gardens of Tucson could not exist with out them. They’re awesome. Please thank your Site Coordinators for their efforts!




List of Site Coordinators/CoCoordinators by Garden:
Blue Moon — John Paul,
Chaverim — Susan & Richard Dick, 520-790-5356,
Davidson —
Doolen — Grace Lena, 520-232-6992,
Doolen co-coordinator — Janet Davies, 520-990-4003,
Duffy/Mary Meredith — Faith Edman, 520-235-7444,
GD2 — Jorge Spellvin, 520-795-8823,
GD2 Co-Coordinator — Gene Zonge, 520-237-6626,
Gregory School — Bruce Plenk, 520-795-8611,
Gregory School — Patti Hartmann, 520-795-8611,
Highland Vista — Natalie Shepp, 520-349-3224,
Homer Davis — Kathleen (Kitty) Tobin, 520-668-9950,
Homer Davis Co-coordinator — Dave Fredericks, 520-370-3462,
Keeling — Denise Plaza, 520-797-2761,
Mansfield — AJ Fox 520-442-5688
Mansfield Co-Coordinator — Dan Dorsey 520-624-8030
New Spirit — Karen C. McWhirter, 520-722-6929,
Nottinghill –
Presidio –June Davidson 520-373-9343
Rincon Mountain — Shelley Kruis, 520-733-5679,
Shay-Shay — Susanne Kaplan, 520-440-6442,
St Demetrios — Jennifer Hall, 520-577-3140,
St Demetrios — David Mount,
Sunrise — Harry Crane,
Ventana Vista — Andrea Mathias, 650-283-3904,
Ventana Vista — Luana Navarro, 415-302-1945,, Tony Navarro, 415-450-7518,