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Rain Water Harvesting  4/27/17:
A team at the University of Arizona installed a cistern at Nottinghill Garden. It will be used as a demonstration site for a citizen scientist rain water and soil testing program (more at: https://projectharvest.arizona.edu/)

Cistern arrived                                                     Site leveled

Sheet metal extruded into gutter (45′ length) – like Playdough!


Gutter attached and cistern placed

Downspout installed and final connection made

Thank you, Rob, Travis and Project Harvest!



Doolen Garden Cleanup
We had a fantastically productive work party this morning (4/15/17) at Doolen Garden (behind Doolen Middle School at Grant and Country Club).

A fun group:

Doolen17 group

Look at this transformation:

Doolen17 before           Doolen after

Thanks so much to our generous volunteers.


Dixondale Onion update:

Dixondale Farms donated six varieties of onions (Texas Legend, Texas Super Sweet, Texas Early White, Southern Belle Red, Yellow Granex and White Bermuda Crystal Wax) for CGT to experiment with in some of our garden plots. The onions were planted the first week of January (left). The photo on the right shows the same plot on 4/1/17.

20170114_120251    VV onions March2017

We will be harvesting in another couple of months and will report back.



Drone photograph of                                                 Katrina’s Calendulas:
Ventana Vista Garden
Peter Packard, 2017:                                     

Ventana Vista Community Gardens-1-14-2017